The iBar

Luckily to us, Kenneth Sieber from Mindstorm (Interactive Surface Solutions) had some time to show us their iBar, located at 24, a nightclub in Soho, London. Mindstorm has done some really nice interactive works at this club. For instance, on the walls inside they have made projections of landscapes that are affected by people who move in a close range to the wall. But what we found most interesting was the iBar, a breast high table placed in the middle of the room. I will try to explain why we found this table so facinating, and why it became one of the most important experiences on our five day long trip. The table itself is a box with a white semi transparent top surface. Integrated video-projectors can project any content on this surface. There are also an intelligent tracking system that tracks any shadow from objects lying or moving on the top of the surface. With this as a basic platform, Mindstorm has created several artful sets of interactive graphical software. The tracking system is also able to recognize shape tags sticked under the glasses and the iBar can therefore create smart interactions between the glasses as well as your hand or your wallet. I believe this video explain it better than my poor words.The wow-effect of this table was priceless. We felt in love with it at the first sight. All the projected tabletop solutions I’ve seen before has the projector placed in the roof. The result is irritating shadows from your hands on the surface when you interact with it. The fact that the projections on the iBar came from underneath made this experience so much softer and benevolent. We immediately started to dream about how we could use this table in a setting regarding film and film history. A few details had be solved dough. The iBar had to low resolution to show a movie of good quality. It was also a little bit to blury caused by the white surface. Anyway this was such a good experience that we just have to bring this idea with us in our project.iBar1 img_6054.JPG img_6055.JPG img_6056.JPGKenneth Sieber also talked about how they are planning to get the iBar out to the people and with a more simple interface and some sort of open source software , people out there can start making their own graphical solutions running on the iBar surface. These different “homemade” graphics can be discussed, shared and shown on a forum on internet, and you can download different skins. The University of UmeĆ„ in Sweden has an iBar already. Sieber was very forthcoming regarding our project at Filmmuseet in Oslo.

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